PROGRAMS – Conec Life Journey 50+ coaching program was specially created for people fifty years and over. Many people within this age group have found themselves in troubling financial situations and other life crisis, due to the changing marketplace. To overcome these challenges, Conec has created programs to help this group to retool, become creative and continue building the life they want for themselves and their loved ones.

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. Professional coaching focuses on creating actionable strategies for clients to achieve specific goals in their work or personal life.

Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph, Conec’s Managing Director who is within the 50+ age group, considers this period, a unique and exciting time to grasp new opportunities. As a result, she designed Conec’s signature coaching program LIFE JOURNEY 50+. These exclusive and empowering workshops, forums and specialty sessions are customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of participants.

Jennifer and Conec’s associates are committed to providing clients with exceptional service, practical and modern skills and non-judgmental support as they transition to their new life phase.

Programs cater to the needs of employees, individuals, and groups and are facilitated online or at selected venues.

If your goal for you or your team is to enjoy a happy, energetic, successful and prosperous life, then CONEC with us for a free consultation.


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Conec’s group coaching workshops are designed to support employees and self-employed people through a transition period. During this crucial time, many people feel very fearful, confused and depressed with their biggest concerns being their wellbeing and financial future. These are very dynamic, interactive and success-driven sessions, ideal for situations such as retirement, retrenchment, re-deployment, and career or life changes. As a participant, you would be given guidance on creating a workable, sustainable success plan to prepare you for a smooth, happy and exciting journey. Sessions are conducted online or at a pre-arranged location.
Partnering with Jennifer, an experienced, personable and intuitive Life Transition & Financial coach would be one of the best life-changing decisions you have ever made. Jennifer is also a Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Financial Planner. She would work along with you in a warm, caring and non-judgmental manner. Her goal is to help you to remove the blocks in your way and to guide you along a journey of happiness, fulfillment, and accomplishments.

Sessions are one-hour duration and can be conducted online or in person on special request.

These are customized 3-hour small group sessions (maximum 10 participants) created to address critical life issues affecting people over fifty. Conec forums offer a safe and non-judgmental space for participants to freely express themselves on matters causing them to feel stuck and frustrated. You would have the opportunity to interact with others of liked mind and share experiences with the guidance of Jennifer as the coach. At the end of these forums, you would experience significant breakthroughs and be able to continue with enthusiasm and purpose to pursue your dreams and live life as you envisioned.

Forums are designed based on the needs and requests from individual clients or groups, and can also be gender specific. They can be facilitated online or at a pre-arranged safe venue.

These are online group coaching workshops consisting of four weekly sessions for a duration of one hour.   Conec’s specialty areas are Money Management and Life Transition beyond age 50.

MONEY MANAGEMENT – At these sessions, participants would better understand their life stage, clarify their financial goals, learn how to manage their financial hassles and  implement proven practical approaches. They would experience that breakthrough to enjoy a successful and debt free life.

LIFE TRANSITION  – At these sessions participants would be guided to look within and release any gremlins and negative energies in their way. They would build the confidence to embrace their unique talents and skills and design a  dynamic life plan to live a happy, accomplished and fulfilled life.