Conec started the year with an empowering workshop for its niche market, people fifty and over. This very engaging workshop had participants tap into their energy system to remove any blocks in their way. They also learnt to build their creative capacity,  create a vision board, budget strategically and live joyfully and purposely.

January 2018

Conec’s first event for the year 2018 was a breakfast seminar on ‘Women’s Personal Safety & Protection’  We were very concerned about the spate of violent attacks, abuse, and discrimination against women in our country and decided to be proactive and take action. Our focus was on empowering women to take precautionary measures to safeguard themselves.

MARCH 2018

Women 50+ were well represented at this event. The conversations were fiery, informative and inspirational. Lots of laughter, healing, and support from women in the room. We had so much fun, many remained after the official close to mingle and continued with ‘ole talk’.

JUNE 2018

This was an event where both men and women 50+ got together for open and insightful conversation. We used conversation leaders to keep the fiery discussion under control and within context. Participants covered a range of topics including relationships, commitment, roles, and expectations, health issues and financial obligations. We ended with cocktails and making new friends. Many thanks to those who attended and made it a powerful event.


We thank all those who attended this expo, participated in our survey, bought items and interacted with us. We are very happy with the response and from the analysis of the survey got great insights into the needs of baby boomers. Continue to follow us as we create new events and programs to help you on your life journey.


We thank those who came and hang out with us at Conec’s exclusive 50+ Spa Brunch. Everyone had lots of fun, made new friends, enjoy the sumptuous food and left happy and energized.


Thanks to all who attended Conec’s Christmas Mingle, our final event for 2018, making it yet another fabulous and joyful event.  Everyone had lots of fun, made new friends and were energized to continue on a journey of happiness and success. To Conec’s 50+ tribe, have a fantastic holiday season.


Please visit our gallery at https://coneccoaching.com/gallery/ for more event pictures.