In 2017 Conec launched its signature program Life Journey 50+, specially created for people fifty years and over. This program was conceptualized by Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph Conec’s managing director, who seeing the challenges that her clients fifty plus were experiencing, decided to conduct a survey to better identify the needs and concerns of this group. An analysis of this survey showed that people fifty and over were not adequately prepared for their next stage in life. Many did not have set plans in place and were fearful of what lies ahead. Conec’s LIFE JOURNEY 50+ program was designed to help this special group to refocus and retool, become creative and motivated to continue building the life they want for themselves.

Moving forward in 2019 Jennifer partnered with associate Terri – Ann Joseph-Brathwaite, an established business consultant, to create ‘CONEC-TIONS 50+’ 2019/2020 series. As a team, we continue to focus on creating a sociable, embracing and empowering atmosphere, where new friends are made and desires manifested.

Our 2019/2020 program calendar is shown below, includes small intimate group forums lasting 2 to 3 hours, interactive half day or 1-day specialty workshops with larger groups of 25 to 35 persons. We have the weekend retreats, giving participants an opportunity to release any negative energy, overcome challenges and live their best life. In all areas, clients would be supported with access to our free webinars or podcasts designed to reinforce all that was discovered with us.

Conec-tions 50+ Business Solutions package is designed for people who are interested in monetizing their skills and talents and those wanting to either redefine or grow their business.

Individual Life/Transition and financial coaching sessions are available with Jennifer.

For information on Conec-tions 50+ programs & activities please CLICK on the relevant headings. On the registration page you can sign up for the program/s that best meet your needs. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions.