In 2017 Conec launched its signature program Life Journey 50+, specially created for people fifty years and over. This program was conceptualized by Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph Conec’s managing director, who seeing the challenges that her clients fifty plus were experiencing, decided to conduct a survey to better identify the needs and concerns of this group. An analysis of this survey showed that people fifty and over were not adequately prepared for their next stage in life. Many did not have set plans in place and were fearful of what lies ahead. Conec’s LIFE JOURNEY 50+ program was designed to help this special group to refocus and retool, become creative and motivated to continue building the life they want for themselves.

Moving forward in 2019 Jennifer partnered with associate Terri Ann Joseph-Brathwaite, an established business consultant, to create ‘CONEC-TIONS 50+’ 2019/2020 series. As a team, we continue to focus on creating a sociable, embracing and empowering atmosphere, where new friends are made and desires manifested.

Our 2019/2020 program calendar shown below, includes small intimate group forums lasting 2 to 3 hours, interactive half day or 1-day specialty workshops with larger groups of 25 to 35 persons. We have the weekend retreats, giving participants an opportunity to release their stressors and live their best life. In all areas, clients would be supported with access to our free webinars or podcasts designed to reinforce all that was discovered with us.

Conec-tions 50+ Business Solutions package is designed for people who are interested in monetizing their skills and talents and those wanting to either redefine or grow their business.

Individual Life/Transition and financial coaching sessions are available with Jennifer.

We invite you to ‘Conec’ with us by going to the registration page and sign up for the program/s that best meet your needs. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions.



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At age fifty plus, many people feel very fearful, confused and anxious about their future. These workshops (maximum of 35 participants) are very interactive and success-driven, designed to support employees, retirees, self-employed and active people, through this transition period. You would be able to bring your experience and talents to the process and together with our specialist coaches, chart the way forward to meet your required needs.

These are specialized 3-hour  intimate sessions (maximum 15 participants) created to address critical life issues affecting people over fifty. We offer a safe and non-judgmental space for participants to freely express themselves, gain new insights, get their concerns addressed and enjoy an extraordinary experience.

At the weekend retreats, participants would recreate the “new life” experience which would give them an opportunity to see what life outside work could be like. Our main focus is always on creating a sociable atmosphere where new friends are made and new networks built to facilitate and carry through into your “new phase of adult life. It is a time for you to get unstuck, explore your creativity and be enthusiastic about moving towards the life you envisioned.

Social events are occasions for people fifty plus to step out, socialize, make new friends, share stories, relax and have fun in a safe embracing and happy environment. Events are designed with different themes to entertain our guests and give them a unique and exhilarating experience. For those people who love to socialize but do not have friends to go out with, this is a non-threatening and friendly social where you can come alone.

Jennifer and Terri Ann would be connecting with our fifty plus tribe, through monthly podcasts or webinars on interesting and critical topic areas. Feel free to send us your comments or suggestions about any particular topic you would want us to discuss. Our goal is to partner with you, listen to your concerns or views,  keep you updated on current matters, help you to gain new insights and move forward happily on your life journey.





This package consists of three levels:
Level 1
With this package, you would have a free 30-minute conversation to clarify your vision and decide whether to move forward. We would then schedule a business consultation to define and structure your start-up business and identify your potential customers. (This is a 3-hour consultation that can be conducted over 1 – 2 sessions). Fee: $900.00

Level 2
This is a four-session business solution package. It involves consultation meetings to formulate a viable business plan with a success driven blueprint, for you to run a lucrative business. Fee: $3,000.00

Level 3
This involves in-depth consultation with clients who want to customize their business operations, to have that cutting edge and be on par with current market trends. This fee would vary depending on the scope of works.

Each package requires fifty percent down-payment of fees at the start and the balance to be paid prior to the final session.


Many people on reaching 50plus find themselves very anxious about the future. They worry about their marketability, finances, loneliness, being ill, not having a support system and many other critical issues.

Having a coach to partner with you at this stage would give you that peace of mind to cope with any fears and move on to live the life you always wanted.
Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph is an internationally certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Practitioner and Financial Planner with years of experience. Partnering with Jennifer as your Life; Transition; Energy & Financial Coach would be one of the best life-changing decisions you have ever made. She would work along with you in a warm, caring and non-judgmental manner, helping you to remove the blocks in your way and guide you along a successful journey of happiness and accomplishments.